This is the home RAT-i screen.
This is the information screen that appears on the first 5 starts.
Click the new red 'i' on the toolbar to view at any time.
First step is to set up RAT:
Click on the 'wrench' icon on the top left on the toolbar
You will see it above circled in red.    This will show the Setup screen.
Here is the Setup screen: There are 5 tabs across the top.
The 'Password' tab is displayed.
Setup a password for your PC.
This is important to protect your PC from unauthorized access.
Next time you open RAT you will see this screen
The 'Practice' tab is now displayed.
Enter your Practice name and clinicians, (useful when adding new patients)
The weekly clinic option is set to Tuesday.
This coordinates the review dates to the same day each week.
You can change the number of patients on of review list here.
The 'red magnet' icon on the toolbar will show the patient review list.
Patients overdue for their INR test always appear at the top of this list.
Option to change maximum review period after 5 normal INRs.
Mechanical prosthetic values have a maximum review of 6 weeks.
The second tab is Conditions set by default to the UK national guidelines.
Here are the DVT/PE ranges and treatment lengths.
The majority of Recurrent DVT/PE cases will be in the 'NOT on warfarin' indication.
These are the cardiac indications .
These are the grafts.
and finally coagulopathies
Translation option for New Zealand
This prints out advice in indigenous language for NZ Practices
You can setup a custom weblink.
This is accessible from the menu under 'Help'
You may occasionally get this update message.
RAT-i informs you when a new update is available for download.

Getting started Next: Add a new patient

Welcome to the RAT online user guide slideshow.
You will see the timer at the top right of each slide.
As the slides run through you can hover over any slide to pause, go forward or back.
You can jump between slides by clicking any bullet below the slide
This first set of screens will take you through the RAT-i setup.
You will see advisory text appear at the bottom of each slide as they appear. Setting up RAT correctly will be beneficial to the smooth running of your INR clinic.
Make sure you password protect the RAT software on your PC.
The bottom right side of the RAT screen shows the path to the database: INR.MDB
If you have more than one RAT PC you will have installed RAT with the patient database on a shared folder or server. This path should point to this shared drive / folder.

1. Getting started
2. Add a new patient
3. Enter an INR
4. Audit
5. Database Utilities
6. FAQs

    Please note RAT should only be used by health professionals familiar with warfarin management
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