RAT has an all new interface with new toolbar and menu design
RAT automatically informs user of new updates
One-click access to pending reviews and defaulters
Therapeutic time in range percentage viewable in patient record
Strikeout and greyed text for doses to be omitted
'i' toolbar icon gives access to help and support information
Full range of searches available
Audit log of user activity
Slow initiation 2mg per day for 2 weeks
RAT-i software is the award winning complete management tool for clinicians familiar with INR monitoring.
Download and evaluate RAT-i for 120 days, no obligation.
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Latest Features:. 
  An all new release of RAT is here. It has lots of new features and improvements
  RAT now has the suffix -i : RAT is improved, more informative, and as current users would testify it is indispensible.
  Now runs on all current Windows operating systems including 7 and 10
  All new modern interface with cool light blue background
  Therapeutic time in range percentages for each patient in real time
  Slow Initiation schedule for AF, based on 2mg per day
  Automatic online checking for updates and subscriptions
  Strikethrough greyed out doses for stopping warfarin
  Get in touch via email, text messaging and whatsapp
  Online store of help and information videos
   "Excellent software, must be the handiest piece of medical software anywhere" GP, West Glam.
   "The whole practice agrees it is excellent" GP, Fife.
   "Most effective and efficient in managing our warfarin patients" GP, Sheffield.
   "Has transformed our management of warfarin."  GP, N. Ireland
   "Extremely useful"  GP, Hull.
   "RAT has been cited as a key factor in the success of our INR clinic" Manager, Commissioning Group, N. Ireland. 
1. 'John Perry' Prize, Primary Health Care Specialist Group of the British Computer Society, September 1997.
2. "Implementation of nurse-led INR monitoring in General Practice", Proceedings of the Annual Conference, Primary Health Care Specialist Group of the British Computer Society, September 1997.  
3. "Wealth promotion clinic", Dr McShane, Financial Pulse , 8 May 1998.   
4. "Six of the best from WONCA" , Dr Houston  Rx magazine, July/August 1998.
5. "Computers do the work for anticoagulation clinics",  Pulse magazine,   7 November 1998.
6. "Anticoagulant Audit using RAT" Dr Howard Stevens, Kennoway Medical Practice, Fife. Second prize awarded by the RCGP and Lothian General Practice Audit Committee September 1999.  
7. Change of Heart Project 2000 Winner, N. Ireland Healthcare Awards, November 2000 Dr Turk, Antrim Health Centre.
RAT-i is free for evaluation for 120 days.
After that period, the registration cost is £399.00 including 12 months email support.
Annual licence and email support per annum thereafter is £169.00
Technical support and queries are via email, text messaging, whatsapp and the support forum.
There are on-line help videos and a user guide.
The forum allows all users to have access to others queries
Check previous listings, your query may have already been answered.

    Please note RAT should only be used by health professionals familiar with warfarin management
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